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Useful keyboard windows shortcut list

When working with windows, windows shortcut keys is an alternative to mouse. You can do almost every thing using windows shortcut key form open, close, and navigate the Start menu, desktop, menus, dialog boxes, and Web pages etc. You can speedup your interaction with pc using shortcuts. The following windows shortcut keys will work also for latest version of windows or above windows 8.

A to Z windows shortcut list

1) Open start menu -> Win
2) Open Windows Help and support -> Win + F1
3) Set focus in the notification area -> Win + B 
4) Opens the charms -> Win + C
5) Show and hide desktop -> Win + D
6) Open file explorer -> Win + E
7) Opens Search charm in file mode to search for computer files -> Win + F
8) Opens the Game DVR bar when a game is open ->  Win + G
9) To open the Share charm -> Win + H
10) To ppen the Settings charm -> Win + I
11) Open the Devices charm -> Win + K
12) To lock window -> Win + L
13) To minimize all windows-> Win + M
14) To open a new side note in OneNote -> Win + N
15) To lock device orientation -> Win + O
16) Choose disply mode -> Win + P
17) To serach anywhere -> Win + Q
18) To open run dialog box -> Win + R
19) Search windows and web -> Win + S
20) Go through the taskbar tabs -> Win + T
21) To open ease of Access dialog box -> Win + U
22) Go through the notification -> Win + V
23) To search setting -> Win + W
24) To open quick menu -> Win + X
25) To open Skype for Business(Disabled for Skype for Business 2016) -> Win + Y
26) To open the command bar for Metro-style apps -> Win + Z
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