When working with windows, windows general keyboard shortcut key is an alternative to mouse. We need to perform different task while working, if we know the keyboard shortcut, then it will speed up our work efficiency.

Widows function keys :
We have seen the function keys on the top of Keyboard.There are 12 function keys are available in the keyboard.
We are not familiar with the functions performed by these function keys. These 12 function keys performs different action depending upon applications and program.

The following actions are performed by the function keys. Apart from the following action these function keys may work for different action depending on the application.

Windows general keyboard shortcut list

1) To display help -> F1
2) To rename the selected file or folder -> F2
3) To search for file and folder -> F3
4) To open the address bar in file explorer -> F4
5) To refresh the current window -> F5
6) To change directory -> F6
7) To open spelling checker in MS- Word -> F7
8) To get the menu while booting -> F8
9) To update the selected filed in MS-Word -> F9
10) To activate menu bar in MS-Word -> F10
11) To make browser full screen or in 'KIOSK' mode -> F11
12) To save in MS-Word -> F12

Alt keys :

1) To close or exit from active window -> ALT + F4
2) To open shortcut menu for active window -> ALT + SPACEBAR
3) Switch between the active window -> ALT + TAB
4) Go through the opened window -> ALT + ESC 
5) To show the shortcut menu for selected item -> SHIFT + F10
6) To select more the one line or charter or item -> SHIFT + ARROW
7) To delete the file or folder without moving to the recycle bin -> SHIFT + DELETE

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