Receive incoming email to your own label or folder in gmail

Some time we need to separate the incoming emails, if we do manually it is a boaring job, but what if it automatically come to a pre specified folder or label or labels?


If you want to keep your incomming emails automaticallly in a perticular label as per your choice,
you can do it easily by changing some setting in your gmail account.

To do receive incoming email to your own label or folder in gmail follow the follwing steps

Step One : Login to your gmail account

Step two : Create label as per your choice

Step three : To crate label look at the left side you will find create a label tab below COMPOSE if not foun then click on more, now it can be visible

Step four : In the extreme right side below search bar you will find settings icon click on that and then click settings

Step five : A new window will appear click on Filters and Blocked Addresses

Step six : Now click on Create a new filter

Step seven : A new window will appear in search bar

Step eight : In to text box type [your user name]+ [label name] eg. myemail+ then click on continue at the below of the window

Step nine : Now check the Skip the Inbox (Archive it) and Apply the label and choose the label from drop down

Step ten : Click on create filter



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