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What is inner join

MySQL or Sql JOINS are used to retrieve data combining rows from two or more tables based on the relation between them. MySQL JOIN or Sql JOIN is executed by a SQl statement. When we require to retrieve data from two or more tables base on some relation SQL or MySQl join is performed. Joining Continue Reading


What is JavaScript Closures

In JavaScript closures are objects that contains a function which bound by reference to the environment in which the function was created.closures makes a function to have private variables. Examples will make it clear. In javascript variables has local or global scope. So to make global variables local JavaScript closures will make it clear. A Continue Reading


keyboard shortcut keys list

When working with windows, windows general keyboard shortcut key is an alternative to mouse. We need to perform different task while working, if we know the keyboard shortcut, then it will speed up our work efficiency. Widows function keys : We have seen the function keys on the top of Keyboard.There are 12 function keys Continue Reading


Useful keyboard windows shortcut list

When working with windows, windows shortcut keys is an alternative to mouse. You can do almost every thing using windows shortcut key form open, close, and navigate the Start menu, desktop, menus, dialog boxes, and Web pages etc. You can speedup your interaction with pc using shortcuts. The following windows shortcut keys will work also Continue Reading


What is WordPress shortcode

WordPress shortcode nothing just it call a function written in theme’s function.php and returns the output. WordPrees introduced shortcode from WordPress 2.5 version. Shortcode allows execute code inside WordPress page or post or widget without writing code in core function of wordpress. Alternatively shortcodes allows to add new feature to your wordpress site by means Continue Reading


WooCommerce shortcode list in wordPress

To add short code in page we have to create page in wordPress. To create a page in wordPress go to wordPress admin. In the laft menu you can see the pages menu, click on add new. Type the suitable title for the page. To add shortcode to the page insert the shortcode in the Continue Reading


Export gmail contacts from gmail account

Gmail keeps our contact list contains emails, names etc. We can retrieve our contact list from Gmail for our own purpose. Export gmail contacts Suppose a company ‘Jquerytraining’ has gmail account contains email address of their employees along with other email address. Jquerytraining is going to organize a cultural event on next Saturday in town Continue Reading


Add audio player to webpage

  Embedding audio streams to blogs or websites mainly entertainment websites are became popular. The audio player provides better experience to the users. Add audio player to webpage HTML5 provides us audio element , we can add a music player to our webpage without using any third-party plug-in. The controls attribute adds audio controls , Continue Reading


Make dynamic sitemap in codeigniter

How to make dynamic sitemap in codeigniter We need sitemap for our website to tell the search engines about the content that we have on our website and how often it is updated. XML Sitemaps are two types. 1) Index Sitemap 2) URL Sitemap There are several ways to generates sitemap. We can make our Continue Reading


What is wordpress hook, action and filter

Hooks are provided by WordPress and are used to modify or add functionality to the core system of WordPress. Like the term ‘hook’, WordPress hook allow our plugin to ‘hook into’ the WordPress. It is a certain location in the WordPress code which allows us to attach or run our own code.A Hook is a Continue Reading

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