How to Install ionic 3 for hybrid app development

First of all for windows we have to install Node.js and NPM.

To install Node.js
1) Download the Windows installer from the Nodes.js web site.
2) Run the installer, the .msi file you just downloaded from Node.js website
3) Follow the instruction in the installer->Accept the license agreement-> do next 
as per instruction during installation process.
4) Restart the PC.

To test if node installed.
1) Open command prompt
2) Type node -v (for node), it will return node version
3) Type npm -v (for npm), it will return npm version
To bring native capabilities to your app you need to integrate Ionic with Cordova .
To install cordova use the following command :
npm install -g cordova

Ionic comes with a command line Interface  utility to start, build Ionic apps.
The Ionic Command Line Interface (CLI) is a tool for developing Ionic apps.
Now install Ionic : 
1) Open command prompt and type : npm install -g ionic (for windows)
if already installed use the following command to update
npm update -g ionic

We have installed the required SDKs, now we will install a command line told to better performance.

We are now going to install command line tool Cmder from the Cmder website.

First of all go to
1) Cmder website 
2) Download Cmder mini or full
3) Extract the folder to Program Files
4) Open the extracted folder of Cmder
5 Right click on Cmder.exe file

We can get the Cmder in context menu also. To do this

1) Press Window+R form keyboard
2) Type cmd and hit ender
3) Navigate to the Program Files directory
4) Execute .\cmder.exe /REGISTER ALL.

Now we will install the Visual studio code for better code management

To install Visual studio code go to Visual studio code website and download the Visual studio code

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