Gmail keeps our contact list contains emails, names etc. We can retrieve our contact list from Gmail for our own purpose.

Export gmail contacts

Suppose a company ‘Jquerytraining’ has gmail account contains email address of their employees along with other email address. Jquerytraining is going to organize a cultural event on next Saturday in town hall.So company to inform to all the employees of Jquerytraining regarding the event. If company want to inform them via email so they need the
email address of all the employees of Jquerytraining. So Jquerytraining has to export the email contact list from the gmail account of Jquerytraining for a perticular group or label.

So how to Export email address from gmail or Export gmail contacts.

To extract email contact from gmail please go through the following steps.

Step one :

Login to your gmail account. Open your web browser type in address bar . Find gmail tab in the right top corner click on gmail tab. It will redirect you to sign in page. Enter your login details and login into your gmail account. The look for ‘Gmail’ tab in the left top corner there will be a drop down menu on click as seen in picture below. Click on ‘Contacts’ it will redirect you to the next page.

export gmail contacts


Step two : In the left middle section you will find more tab. Click on the more tab it will expend down. Click on the ‘Export’ it will show a pop up as step three

export gmail contact lsit

Step three : Click on the go to old version it will redirect to a new page.

export gmai contacts list old version

Step four : Find more tab below search bar in top middle section click on ‘Export’  it will redirect you to new page

export email from gmail account

Step five : Choose the appropriate option as per your requirement and the click ‘Export ‘ button below. A google.csv file will be downloaded automatically to your local pc.

export email list


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