Today mobile devices are common to every hand starting from a student to a business man or from a car driver to a pilot of a aircraft. Day by day smart phone users are increasing as a result more and more web sites and apps are increasing in web hosting and  app stores. Every business owner wants to go online to sell their product as a result demand of  apps are increasing. We can hybrid app using cordova cli.

Since iOS and Android are the two most popular platforms in the mobile world, developers are taking interest to target them and this has actually forced them to create separate applications for different mobile devices.

PhoneGap is a mobile app development framework that is based upon the open source Apache Cordova project.

Using PhoneGap, web developers  can develop native mobile application for any mobile devices, using HTML, CSS, Javascript without writing separate codes.


To develop the cordova cli based mobile app we need a development environment in our tutorial we are using command line environment preferably cmdr. Cmdr supports all command of windows and linux.

To download cmdr  for cordova cli go to download and install

Now to start installing essential components for apache cordova cli

The Cordova command-line tool is distributed as an npm package.

Download cordova command-line tools

  1. First download Node.js . After installation Node.js you will be able to run command node and npm
  2. You may download git client to run git from your command line
  3. Now install cordova using npm.The cordova will automatically downloaded my npm.  Npm is a utility of Node.js on linux environment

The command for linux in cordova cli

sudo npm install -g cordova

The command for windows in cordova cli

npm install -g cordova

Start creating the App in cordova cli

Go to a folder where you want to create the app and start tying the following command

cordova create hello com.example.hello HelloWorld

 To add platform 

cordova platform add android

We may use browse platform also to thes the app in browser

to add browser platform 

cordova platform add android

To build the app 
cordova build

We can find the build in platform ->android->build->outputs->apk folder



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