What is PayPal?
PayPal is an American company, providing online payments system. online payments system supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods.

We use PayPal as a payment gateway for online money transfer. It act as a middle man. Suppose you want to send money to someone or want to purchase services or goods online, you have to make payment via a middle man or gateway or alternatively payment gateway.

PayPal acoount paymet gateway

First you have to add money to PayPal account to send money or make payment then you to transfer the money to the receiver’s PayPal account, the receiver then withdrew the money from his Paypal account to his bank account.

There are several payment gateways are available.

Now how to create

PayPal account

to test in sandbox mode:

Step 1 :

Create Paypal Account account: Sign up for a PayPal Account.

Step 2 :

The go to the developer account and login into dashboard as shown in the below image

PayPal account for developer


Step 3:

Look left side after login you will find Sandbox tab, under sandbox click accounts.

You can find test accounts created with account type PERSONAL and BUSINESS. You can also create test account.

To create test account click on the account fill the create account form. See the below image

paypal sandbox account creation form

In time of creation of account you must keep in mind that you have to enter the PayPal balance in the PayPal balance field. After filling the form click the create account button.

Now in your dashboard you will find the new account created.

Step 4:

You will need two test account to do sandbox testing  one is personal and other is business.

Now login to one personal account and login to one business account. Now you can send money to personal account to business account using the send money tab in personal account.

The all above description is about testing of PayPal accounts in sandbox mode.


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