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Auto login after password reset in WordPress

I am going to explain how to do auto login in WordPress after password reset.


How to display all hooks running on WordPress page?

WordPress hooks are importent part of WordPress devloper. Hooks are the core functionality of WordPress providing the ability to “hook into” your code in the wordpress code without modifying the core. Hooks basically calls a function to run at a specific time. There are two type of hooks : 1) Action hook 2) Filter hook Continue Reading


How to create private post in WordPress

WordPress private post Do you know what is WordPress private post and what is its purpose? Well a private post in WordPress is not visible to your website visitors unlike regular WordPress posts, it is only visible to a logged in user with specific permissions. In this article, we will show you how to easily Continue Reading


Important default wordpres wp_head hooks

In time of worpress customization or plugin development or plugin customization in wordpress we sometime using the use of several hooks. There are two types of wordpress hooks action hook an filter hook. We are going to mention some of the important hooks. Lets discuss wp_head hook : the following actions we can performed using Continue Reading


what is wordpress multisite

WordPress has a special built-in feature, multisite. Do you know what is multisite or what wordpress multiste refers to. ok lets explain In wordpress you can create multiple websites using the same wordpress install, called multisite network. That mean by installing one wordpress on your server, you can run as many sites as you want   The best Continue Reading


What is WordPress shortcode

WordPress shortcode nothing just it call a function written in theme’s function.php and returns the output. WordPrees introduced shortcode from WordPress 2.5 version. Shortcode allows execute code inside WordPress page or post or widget without writing code in core function of wordpress. Alternatively shortcodes allows to add new feature to your wordpress site by means Continue Reading


WooCommerce shortcode list in wordPress

To add short code in page we have to create page in wordPress. To create a page in wordPress go to wordPress admin. In the laft menu you can see the pages menu, click on add new. Type the suitable title for the page. To add shortcode to the page insert the shortcode in the Continue Reading


What is wordpress hook, action and filter

Hooks are provided by WordPress and are used to modify or add functionality to the core system of WordPress. Like the term ‘hook’, WordPress hook allow our plugin to ‘hook into’ the WordPress. It is a certain location in the WordPress code which allows us to attach or run our own code.A Hook is a Continue Reading


WordPress plugin list

WordPress plugin list Essential plugins for wordpress : Akismet : Akismet is an anti spam plugin for wprdpress. Akismet checks all comments and contact form details against spam to prevent your site from publishing malicious content. Jetpack(Free) :  Jetpack  helps to improve security of your site , to improve website performance, website traffic growth, image Continue Reading


Add custom field in WooCommerce product vendor

Add custom field in WooCommerce product  vendor. WooCommerce product  vendor plugin registration form has predefined fields, but sometimes we need custom field to add in  WooCommerce product vendor registration form we need to write the following code in function.php file in child theme. We can write the following code to add custom field in WooCommerce product vendor add_action( ‘init’, Continue Reading

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