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Introducation to css flexbox direction part two

The flex-direction CSS property establishes the main-axis, thus defining the direction flex items are placed in the flex container.
It specifies how flex items are placed in the flex container, either in horizontal rows or vertical columns.


Introducation to css flexbox-part one

The below example of css flexbox showing the alignment of items within the container div irrespective of size of the item.
We can easily control the directions of the item order of the item within the container using flex box different properties.


To change the column order in html using pure css

Column reverse is very essential specially for responsive design of website. Suppose a web page having sidebar and main content. If we see the web page it will come one after one. In this case if we need to change the order of the column mean if we want to see the sidebar first then Continue Reading


How to make sticky sidebar using jquery and css

Sticky sidebar is an essential part of web development. Not in all cases but for some cases where our page has more content in one side and so we need to fix the other side on scroll of the page. Javascript css sticky sidebar is the important part of web development The Jquery part <script> Continue Reading


Get query string parameters with javascript

Query String There are three methods to send data to a server are GET, POST, and PUT, defined in Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The GET request appends data to the end of the URL in the form of a list of field=value pair which is known as query string. The query string is an internet standard format. Continue Reading


How to make pure css modal without javascript

Modal is an essential part of web development. To show any information on on a note or show any pop up or zoom photo or video we always use modal. There are several modal plugin in the web,  but if we want to create our own custom css  modal without any java script only using Continue Reading


How to use cordova cli to develop hybrid app

Today mobile devices are common to every hand starting from a student to a business man or from a car driver to a pilot of a aircraft. Day by day smart phone users are increasing as a result more and more web sites and apps are increasing in web hosting and  app stores. Every business owner Continue Reading


How to make custom modal pop up using javascript and css

Web developers often use modal features in websites as a part of their work. Yet lot of good modal plugins are available but if we want to create our own custom javascript plugin then what to do? . When we are using multiple jquery plugins in our web page it is seen the jquery libraries Continue Reading


How to create custom css, jquery autocomplete plugin

Web developers often use autocomplete features in websites as a part of their work. Yet lot of good jquery autocomplete plugins are available but if we want to create our own plugin then what to do. Actually when jquery libraries are conflicting with each other specially when page is heavily loaded with jquery, we think Continue Reading


Multi step form using HTML and JavaScript

Form is the important part in web design. Form is the primary interface to the user by which user is used to interact with the data in terms of fetching or submitting. A good look of the form is the essential part of web page. Good look in terms of of usability and functionality. The Continue Reading

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