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Introduction to Angular 5

Angular 5 released on 1 November 2017. Angular 5 grantees better code sharing capabilities, with an updated HttpClien.Angular 5 is focused on faster rebuilds and on making it easier to build web apps.


Gmail introduced Developer Preview of AMP in Email

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source website publishing technology designed to improve the performance of web content. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is a framework to create faster loading mobile content on the web. Apart from loading pages faster, accelerated Mobile Pages also supports building a wide range of rich pages for web. Google now Continue Reading


Auto login after password reset in WordPress

I am going to explain how to do auto login in WordPress after password reset.


How to display all hooks running on WordPress page?

WordPress hooks are importent part of WordPress devloper. Hooks are the core functionality of WordPress providing the ability to “hook into” your code in the wordpress code without modifying the core. Hooks basically calls a function to run at a specific time. There are two type of hooks : 1) Action hook 2) Filter hook Continue Reading


How to create private post in WordPress

WordPress private post Do you know what is WordPress private post and what is its purpose? Well a private post in WordPress is not visible to your website visitors unlike regular WordPress posts, it is only visible to a logged in user with specific permissions. In this article, we will show you how to easily Continue Reading


Introducation to css flexbox direction part two

The flex-direction CSS property establishes the main-axis, thus defining the direction flex items are placed in the flex container.
It specifies how flex items are placed in the flex container, either in horizontal rows or vertical columns.


Disable option in multiple select drop down box

Suppose there are three select box and each have the 4 options. Suppose i have selected the 3rd option of first select box, the other option of the selected select box will disabled and the selected option will be enabled. The 3rd option of other select box will be disabled.


Introducation to css flexbox-part one

The below example of css flexbox showing the alignment of items within the container div irrespective of size of the item.
We can easily control the directions of the item order of the item within the container using flex box different properties.


How a Loop through a JavaScript object?

How a Loop through a JavaScript object? Javascript Objects are Variables Containing Variables. In JavaScript, an object is an entity, with property and type In JavaScript objects the name:values pair are termed as properties. var student = {studentName:”Jquery Training”, addrees:”Web”, age:02, type:”blog”}; <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script src=””></script> </head> <body> How a Loop through a Continue Reading


Ajax post with jquery and php

The basic example of Ajax post is $.ajax({variable:value, variable:value, … })

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